Online Coaching



Online Coaching gives you all the benefits of Personal training without the face to face experience. You will receive personalised programs made by me to suit you and your goals, these will be tracked using a mobile app and record your weights and links directly to my dashboard for easy monitoring. I will continuously check in with you throughout the week. I will also monitor you nutrition through my fitness pal that integrates with the mobile app. This is the best option for those who do not live in my area for face to face, or those who want nutrition and training programming but do not need the face to face training.


Exercise programming for most cases is set in 5 week training blocks, however this can vary dependant on training styles and personal goals. Every training block is personalised to you and your goals and is adjusted to work alongside injuries and equipment limitations.

Videos of your main compound lifts can be sent to me for critique and form corrections.


I work with you to help you develop the essential skills of Flexible dieting. Flexible dieting is the art of tracking macro-nutrients (Carbs/Fats/Protein). By learning how to track these we are in a far better position to adjust your eating habits to coincide along with your goals without being so restrictive that we cannot enjoy our diet.

When i use the word Diet. This does not mean you have a set meal plan, your diet whether it be good or bad is essentially the food you eat and your eating habits, that IS your diet.

Flexible dieting allows your the freedom to have control over your food, enjoy your food, and still make progress towards your goals.
I Adjust your Macros as needed, This could be a weekly change or even a monthly change, depending on your progress and goals.


Once per week you will need to measure your girth measurements and input them into your profile. This can be done by myself if you are a face to face client. This allows me to be able to see the effects your training and nutrition is having on your body, and where i need to make adjustments with your programming and nutrition.


This is a 20 minute Skype check-in once per week, a chance for you to speak to me face to face, get demonstrations on certain movements, speak to me about anything you may be having trouble with in regards to your training, nutrition, progress and mental health.

Alternately if you live in Brisbane - Gold Coast QLD area these check ins can be done in person where i can do your measurements for you.


As an online client you will have access to multiple forms of contact directly with myself, you can ask questions about your training, nutrition and all other aspects connected to your training. I always do my best to answer your questions as soon as i am available to do so.