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Personal training and coaching

My physique is the manifestation of years of hard work both physically and mentally.

As a kid and through the early part of my teenage years i was always involved in sports of some kind, whether it was soccer, rugby or volleyball, martial arts, snowboarding or surfing, i was always doing something.

That all changed when i broke my collarbone and got lazy……..
I started spending a lot more time inside in front of the TV, and interacting less with the world outside my immediate consciousness. My eating habits gradually grew worse, along with my mental health, depression took hold and didn’t let up easy!

Looking back now i can see where the wheels started turning again, however at the time it seemed like nothing at all. That change was putting myself back into martial arts. From here i was humbled very quickly as to how good i was not. That stamina i once had….Gone. That speed and agility i once prided myself on….merely a tortoise. I quickly searched for my gym key i had been paying for for the past 4 years without using and found my way into the gym. With a 12 week program i had got online and towel in hand i was ready to make changes if anything was a driving force it was the fact i did not like getting kicked in the head! Martial arts is a very humbling experience and i urge everybody to try one form or another in their lifetime.

I quickly started developing skills and increasing my weights, my eating habits got better and i found myself researching new exercises, form tweaks, nutrition advice every chance i got. My strength was increasing, my flexibility, my speed….all returning. Others started noticing my progress and commenting and what seemed like a short time training had been 2 years of consistent training and learning. The mental clarity i got whilst training helped channel my energy in a constructive way and in doing so left little room for destructive energy.

I started writing plans for friends and family and found such joy in providing the tools for others to step into my newly found passion and find their own results. It took me another 18 months before realizing i can help a lot more people if i had more time in the gym…..CLICK the light bulb went off and within a few days i was enrolled to do my certs.

Since then i have helped many clients reach their goals both physically and mentally, and it truly is my passion to help and inspire others, to show others just what they truly are capable of.


Be your own inspiration


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